Thursday, September 30, 2010


At the end of May, something terrible happened. Just as I was about to return home from a family reunion in Nashville, Tennessee, the air conditioning system in my car stopped working. It wasn't anything as simple as the air not being cool when it came out of the vent. The issue was that no air would come out of the vent at all.

So I spent a great deal of time attempting to save up some money to get the problem fixed. And it's been a very hot summer. Most days, I was okay, because it's been a very dry summer as well. Humid, but fairly rain-free. So that meant I could ride around with the windows down and be semi-comfortable thanks to the flowing air. But on those days when the rains came, it was like riding around in a pizza oven. Especially on nights when I had to deliver pizza.

But I am happy to say that, as of today, I have a working ventilation system in the Escort. I have air conditioning, I have heat, I have defrost. It's just as the people at Ford meant for it to be so many years ago.

And I need to send out a very special thanks to someone who helped make those repairs possible. Back in August I posted a plea for help. Even though I really didn't expect any response whatsoever, one person did take me seriously. I'll keep her anonymous, but I hope she reads this and knows just how grateful I am.

Now, I realize that today was probably the coolest day in the last four months, so having A/C again could be kind of ridiculous. But it was raining all day, so it was nice to have the air flowing even with the windows up. I haven't experienced that for some time. And I've almost decided that, even if we experience the coldest winter on record this year, I'll ride around with the air on full blast. I'll never take that cool air for granted again.

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