Monday, August 09, 2010

The Unintentional Breaks

I'm actually not too sure what's been wrong with me lately. I mentioned in my post on Friday that I've been slacking when it comes to posting a regular blog. There was once a time when I vowed to post something at least once a day. Back then, I never said it would always be something that I originally came up with. More often than not, of course, it would be my own thoughts. However, the occasion would happen where I posted something interesting or funny from the YouTube, just to fill the void that would otherwise be there if I didn't post anything.

Recently, however, I've really been letting these empty days just slide on by. I was discussing this last night with the Most Awesome Person I Know, who said she's been quite disturbed lately to not receive alerts in her inbox telling her that I've posted something here at Carp Dime. The conclusion we came to, which I hate to call a valid excuse, is that after so many years of writing a daily post, I've just run out of things to write about.

It's true that there are a lot of things that happen in my life that could be considered dull and routine. That makes it hard to make new observations about little funny things in life. It makes it difficult to find something new to make fun of on a regular basis. But does that really mean I have nothing to write about? I've been doing this Life Story thing irregularly for two years and I still haven't gotten out of high school with those tales. One would think those stories are plentiful. One would also think the stories from the bank are plentiful, but really, it's a lot of the same crap day in and day out.

All that is to say that, from here on out, I'll be posting something every day. Just like I did in the good old days. I can't promise I'll always be funny. I can't promise I'll always be interesting. I can't even promise I'll always be completely original. But I promise that you'll always have something to look at when you click on my link. So stay tuned. I've got some stuff cooking.


  1. You should post the "Swagger Waggon" video on YouTube. Always good for a few laughs!

  2. Just for that last paragraph, I'm going to follow you. :D

    See, I'm having those days too, when I can't seem to post anything worthwhile in my blog (so I deleted the site I've been maintaining for six months and made a new one yesterday). Your post somewhat inspired me, so thanks.

    Anyway, goodluck! You can do this thing. :D