Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Single Guy Tries Not to Obsess

The Single Guy works at a bank. That's been well established for some time. The branch in which he works is in an area of town that's surrounded by a cornucopia of banks. Oddly enough, there's even a second branch of the same bank located inside a grocery store that's only a block away from the Single Guy's workplace. Overkill? I think so. But I guess the good folks of Raleigh like to have their options when it comes to who charges them fees for holding on to their money.

That grocery store, which houses that second branch, is located directly across the street from the salon in which the Girl in the White SUV works. Remember her? Sure, there weren't supposed to be anymore posts about her. Rules are being broken. So be it. But she deserves a mention. She's back in the life of the Single Guy, however briefly or temporarily.

Yesterday was the Single Guy's day off, as are most Wednesdays. Early in the morning, he received a text from the Barney Stinson, informing him that the Girl in the White SUV was back in town. The assumption, for some time, had been that she had gone away since she had made no appearances at either of the local locations. Since Stinson is dating a teller inside the grocery store branch, he has access to the information that the Girl in the White SUV had made an appearance there the previous evening.

The Single Guy replied by text, simply, that he was trying not to care.

Some time passed during the day off and the Single Guy received another text from Barney. "She's at the salon."

Again, the Single Guy responded, "I'm really trying not to care here. I'm not gonna pursue her anymore. I pretty much only want to know about it if she asks for me specifically. I appreciate the thought where White SUV is concerned. Just trying not to think about her is all."

The Single Guy feels that his mindset is a healthy one. He doesn't want to think about this girl. If he doesn't think about her, there's no chance of obsessing over what might have been. If he isn't thinking about her, there's no reason for him to second guess his actions and activities where she was concerned over the past months. He may have thought of her as the hottest woman he'd ever met in his life, but it became fairly obvious that she didn't bother giving him a second thought.

Now, the Single Guy may be through thinking about the Girl in the White SUV. He may be done wondering where she is or how she's doing. But that doesn't mean that if she were to show up and make it blatantly apparent that she wants to make amends that he wouldn't jump at that opportunity. But it would have to be pretty blatant.


  1. The life of a single guy is not easy. Don't worry, you'll get the girl someday.... you're still young!