Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Single Guy Tells the Fat Lady to Shove It

After three weeks of not seeing the Girl in the White SUV, the Single Guy was getting understandably discouraged. So he put out the call for advice from his loyal readers. The majority of the comments received suggested that he go ahead and try to at least try something, because he had nothing to lose.

He thought back to a question that was asked some time ago revolving around having the courage to jump into a lake on a hot day, even if the water is shockingly cold. A friend responded that she would jump, and that life is always more interesting when you jump.

So the Single Guy has decided to jump.

For a while it was looking as if there was no point in continuing to pursue the Girl in the White SUV. But the Single Guy hasn't heard the fat lady sing. She might be warming up, but she can keep hanging out backstage.

For now, the Girl in the White SUV can expect to receive a last ditch effort involving flowers and a short, but specific letter. He signed the letter with his contact information and is willing to wait. He has no real expectations, just a little hope.

The Single Guy is comfortable with the idea that this is his last attempt at gaining the attention of the Girl in the White SUV. If he never hears from her, at least he'll know he tried. So now he waits. Again.

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