Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life in the Big House

My adoptive family has once again set off for a grand vacation and left me behind to hold down the fort. Unlike a couple years ago when they headed to the Happiest Place on Earth, this time I'm watching the house and pets while they spend a week in the sand, surf, and sun at the beach.

And so, for the next week, I will be growing accustomed to life alone in a 4 or 5 bedroom house (depends on how you're counting) without whom there is anyone to carry on an intelligent conversation.

The alone part I'm used to. I spend all kinds of time alone in my own apartment. But it's quite a bit smaller than this house. I assume I could attempt to have conversations with any of the two cats or two dogs, but if they start talking back, I may have to have myself declared insane.

And then there's the part where this place is usually full of noise. The sounds of electronic devises or any one of the five children that constantly run through the halls. At the moment, I sit in utter silence. The only sounds I hear are the ones coming from the keyboard as my fingers type away. There are times when the quiet can be nice, but a full week of it could be kind of maddening. Good thing there's a TV with cable at the ready.

So for now, it's just me and the animals. But Wednesday night, big party. You bring the pizza, I'll supply the tap water.

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