Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode LXXXII

I work at a bank. A bank is one of those places where one expects to find certain things. People come in and they expect to be able to make deposits and withdrawals. They expect to be able to cash checks. They expect to be charged crazy fees for little ridiculous items that are seemingly pointless. Obviously, these fees have a point. That's why there are highly paid executives that sit around in their 18th story offices in their expensive taylored suits. They're just sitting up there, lighting imported cigars with 50-dollar bills, and they're thinking of new ways to charge fees. It's what they do.

Something else customers should expect is to be able to get the change that they want. I mean, if someone brings in a 100-dollar bill that isn't counterfeit, they have ever reason to expect that they can trade it in for five 20s or twenty 5s. But I love it when customers ask if they can break a 20, like it's a huge inconvenience for me.

I'll be honest. There are a vast majority of days where I feel like just being here and breathing the same air as some of these customers is a huge inconvenience for me. But during those rare occasions where I'm not having a bad day, simply asking for a 10 and two 5s is not going to break me. Those types of customers are appreciated, simply because they're polite enough to be polite.

Even though breaking down that money is just about the simplest thing I do in my day, it would still be fun to make them think that it's something I just can't do. "I'm sorry, but can I get one of these 20s broken down?"

I would just make a pained expression on my face and suck in some air through my teeth, as if I had just touched a hot stove and gotten burned. "I don't know if I can... hang on... let me check..." I know that kind of thing may not seem funny to you, the reader, but when I picture doing that in my head it makes me laugh. It's not about being mean to someone. It's just about having a little fun with them. That's all. Don't get so upset!

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