Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Single Guy and the Business Card

Another week had passed since the Single Guy chickened out. The Girl in the White SUV hadn't been by the bank in all that time, so he had time to think. Really, it was more like he had time to dwell.

In that time, the Single Guy consulted friends and co-workers on what the best course of action would be. It was mutually decided upon that it would be inappropriate to just ask her out at the drive through window. In his initial letter to the Girl in the White SUV, he had told her that he didn't want to put her on the spot or embarrass her in any way.

So the Single Guy took one of his business cards and flipped it over. On the back, he simply wrote, "Would you like to have coffee with me sometime? My treat..." and then he left instructions to call or text, followed by his cell phone number. And then he waited.

She finally came by the bank. They exchanged the normal pleasantries while the Single Guy ran her transaction. Once the work was done, he took her receipt and attached the altered business card using a paper clip. He passed her the receipt and card and wished her well as she once again drove away.

And then the Single Guy waited again. He had placed the ball right back into the court of the Girl in the White SUV. It was up to her now to decide if picking up the phone and calling or texting would be worth the cup of coffee. It was time to learn if she was truly interested in the Single Guy or if she was merely flattered by the letter he had sent so many weeks ago.

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