Monday, May 03, 2010

Button Button

I'm not a big believer in having an over-abundance of clothes. In fact, I'd really like to get my closet down to a point where I have enough short and long-sleeved shirts to get me through two weeks. I run my dress shirts for work on a constant cycle. And my pants? Well, I have a limited number of those.

I'm about to admit to something that a few of you out there will think is odd or even disgusting. But see, I don't think it is. I absolutely do not believe that a pair of pants needs to be washed after only one wearing. Thus, I only have two pairs of jeans. I only have two pairs of khakis. And I have one pair of black slacks. That's it. Oh, and a variety of shorts. We are approaching summer, after all.

On a side note, I also use the same bath towel for a full week before ditching it in the hamper. I'm clean when I use it to dry off. What's the point of using multiple towels?

Anyway, pair my adherence to the recycling of pants with my dislike of spending money on pretty much anything, I wear my clothes until they wear out. And this is what happened to me last week.

For a while I had noticed that the material in one of my pairs of khaki pants had begun to wear thin. But I figured I could still get some good usage out of them since the thin parts were in unnoticeable places. Then, on Friday, the unthinkable occurred.

The key button that held the pants together popped off. This is not a comment on my waistline. In fact, I've lost weight since the first of the year, thank you very much. No, the thread holding the button had just deteriorated and lost its hold on that important plastic disc.

So I spent the better part of Friday wearing pants that were held in place only by a belt (which has also seen better days).

We have a sewing kit at work. It has plenty of thread in it. Six spools of various colors. However, there are no needles in said sewing kit. Not a lot of help when one loses and important button.

Guess it's time to buy some new pants.

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