Monday, April 26, 2010

The Single Guy and the Yellow Streak

He hadn't seen the Girl in the White SUV in nearly two weeks. She had been back to the bank once since the day she thanked him for the card he had sent. However, that fateful day was the Single Guy's day off. He knew she wouldn't just stop coming to the bank, nor would she stop coming to his teller window, but he couldn't help but wonder when he would see her again.

In the days that passed by, the Single Guy played different scenarios in his head. Mostly he just thought about what his next move should be. It was as if he was playing an elaborate game of chess with his heart at stake. After an entire week of work passed by without seeing her, he made the decision that he would just ask her out.

There would be nothing complicated about this task. The Girl in the White SUV would just pull up to his window as she normally did. The Single Guy would make the same small talk that he normally did as he ran her transaction. And before she had the chance to drive away, he would simply ask her to have coffee with him. In his mind it seemed so simple.

Monday arrived, and brought with it a new week at work fresh with possibility. He told his friends and his co-workers that today would be the day, assuming she came to the bank, that is. The Single Guy was ready to ask the Girl in the White SUV the question that he'd wanted to ask for months.

And then she came. As soon as her car was in view, the Single Guy knew it wouldn't be as easy as he had imagined it would be. He was able to say hello and ask how she was doing. But after that, while he was making her deposit, he felt as if his throat was closing up. He was afraid that if he tried to speak again, nothing would come out.

So he chickened out.

The Girl in the White SUV smiled just as brightly as she had when he last saw her. The Single Guy pushed out her receipt. She had parked a little too far from the drawer and was forced to lean uncomfortably out of her car window to reach the slip of paper. He asked if there was anything else he could do for her, other than find a way to push the drawer out farther. She laughed, even thought the Single Guy knew that his joke was really not that funny.

For the first time in his memory, the Girl in the White SUV waved to the Single Guy as she drove away. In a small way, that one move was energizing to him. It was too late to ask her out today, but maybe next time he would really be ready.

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