Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Single Guy and the Blank Card

The following account is based on actual events.

The Single Guy longed to talk to the Girl in the White SUV. For months he watched as she drove into and out of his life two or three times a week. He was working a job in which he found little joy. But seeing her smile was enough to brighten even the darkest of his days. The possibility of seeing the Girl in the White SUV was enough to keep him coming to work. It was enough to change his attitude about even the smallest things.

But he had no idea what to say or how to say it. The Single Guy went back and forth in his mind about what the right move might be. Should he say something while he was at work? Would that be unprofessional? Would that embarrass her? He didn't want to put her on the spot.

Should he write it down? Maybe an e-mail would be the way to go. But wouldn't she think it was creepy that he found her e-mail address? Sure it was on her business' website, but could that be considered out of bounds?

In the end he decided that writing his thoughts inside a blank card would be the right move for him. He wrote only a fraction of what he was feeling and expressed just how much he enjoyed seeing her when she came to his bank. He dropped the card in the mail on a Saturday and knew there was no turning back. He knew from that point he could only wait. He knew that if she made an appearance at his teller window, it would be a very good sign. If she never came back to his bank, well, at least he would know that she wasn't interested.

A few days passed. He took a day off on Monday and was told by his coworkers that she drove by, but she didn't mention the card. Maybe she hadn't received it yet. Tuesday she was a no show. But he wasn't worried yet. He thought, Who needs to go to the bank every day?

And then Wednesday arrived. And what a glorious day Wednesday turned out to be. Because on Wednesday, the Girl in the White SUV came by the bank.

He was standing at his computer as he normally would. He saw the front of her White SUV and was immediately hit with an incredible wave of nausea. All of his mass seemingly dropped to his feet. It was as if all his weight was just below his ankles. Suddenly he was feeling something that was too strong to be called nervous.

The Single Guy looked into the eyes of the Girl in the White SUV and smiled. He asked her how she was doing. She told him she was doing good as she smiled back. She passed her deposit through the window to the bank teller. He did his job without incident and passed her the receipt. He asked if there was anything else he could help her with, and she shook her head, smiling all the while. And then she thanked him for the card he sent. He simply said, "You're welcome."

They smiled at each other for a while before she finally drove away. The Single Guy dropped to the floor once the Girl in the White SUV was out of sight. He sat there, shaking. His coworkers looked at him and laughed. He had lost all feeling in his body. His heart was racing and he began to wonder if that was what having a heart attack felt like.

He was sure, after this encounter, that she at least liked the card. By the time the shock of seeing her and speaking to her had worn off, the Single Guy still couldn't stop smiling. As happy as he was about the events of the day, he was still left with the question, What do I do now?


  1. Can't wait for more of this story!

  2. sounds like you held it together pretty well, i would have thrown up :)

    cant wait to read what happens next!

  3. Next time ask her out for coffee after work.

  4. Next, you ask her out on a date.

    Let me know if you need some ideas.