Thursday, April 01, 2010

Reasons Why Pizza Delivery Is Better Than Banking

Tonight, as I was working my second job, I noticed that this part time delivery gig holds several advantages over my day job. The following are listed in no particular order...

  • On average, I can earn more in an hour delivering pizza than I can in an hour working at the bank.
  • Little kids get excited when they see my car pull up in their driveway. Tonight a little kid, no older than 5, ran out of the house screaming, "THE PIZZA MAN!" No one ever gets excited about seeing me at the bank. I've yet to hear anyone screaming "A BANK TELLER!"
  • Again on the money issue... At the end of a night delivering pizza, I can walk away from the job with cash in my pocket. Doing that at the bank leads to being arrested.
  • Shall we talk about discounts? With the pizza delivery, I get 50% off no matter how many pizzas I want to buy. With the bank, I can get a discounted interest rate on a loan. But first I have to be approved for the loan. And then, I still have to pay it back with interest, just not as much interest as the average customer. Those loan payment coupons do not make a good meal. You know what does? Pizza.
  • Pizza customers always seem really grateful. Even the ones that don't tip very well are still happy to see me. I brought dinner. Bank customers are occasionally grateful, but mostly they complain because I wasn't fast enough or I did something wrong or they want to blame me for something that someone else did wrong. Tellering is really a thankless job. I never get tipped at the bank, BTW. That's also illegal.
  • If something awkward happens between me and another coworker at the pizza place, it's okay. 'Cause in just a few minutes time, I'll be out in my car driving a pizza to its new home. And there's a good chance I won't see that coworker anymore because we're like two ships passing in the night. At the bank, if something awkward happens with a coworker, I'm stuck there for the next 8 hours. That can, some the times, make for an uncomfortable day.
  • Okay, let's score one for the bank industry... The Girl in the White SUV...
There you have it. I hope you've enjoyed this insight into what it's like to work these two jobs and to live in these two worlds.

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  1. would you still get that 50% discount if you called and ordered a pizza but had it delivered to CA?

    because that would be awesome.

    j "man, i love pizza" h