Thursday, April 08, 2010

Not Sure What to Say

Monday evening I wrote a post titled Divorce. I kept it anonymous because I spoke ill of one of the parties involved. The way I see it, in a forum such as this, people that I write about are completely unable to defend themselves. Tonight I'd like to address this post to that same anonymous man.

What is wrong with you?

First off, let's deal with your temper. It's one thing to go after a man that you blame for a lot of your problems. I can understand a jealous rage. I can understand punching someone in a moment of insanity. I can't condone it, but I can understand it. Why can't I necessarily condone it? You're a grown man. You are in charge of your own actions. You're supposed to be responsible for those actions as well. But you, as yet, have refused to take that responsibility for those actions. Your rage has grown continually worse. Grabbing your oldest son by the neck in a fit of your own frustration? Shoving your wife during another of your heated arguments? You're crossing a line there.

So now you're out of the house. Your wife finally got the nerve to stand up to you before you could throw her under the bus yet again. She took action before you could find some trivial reason to get rid of her first. And her reason for getting you out of the house? Because she was genuinely afraid of how you would continue to treat her and your children.

And then what did you do once you were out of the house? You had your wife's car repossessed because you haven't been making payments on it for months. Do you know what that does to her and to your children?

What else did you do? Oh, you had your children's grandfather arrested right in front of them. For poking you in the chest. Is that the way you get revenge on your wife for getting a dangerous man out of the house? By the way, that dangerous man is you, Mr. Anonymous. Your kids know that you had their grandfather arrested. What does that do to their opinion of their father?

You know, I thought I knew you. Just a few weeks ago, you again called me your brother. I called you one of my best and closest friends. But after witnessing these things that you're capable of, I wonder if I ever knew you at all. Was the nice guy thing just an act? Gotta say, you're a good actor. Your true colors have shown you for who you truly are now.

Finally, I want you to know something. No more questions. No more trying to figure out what's snapped inside of you to make you into this hateful, vindictive, selfish person you've become. I want you to know that I'm still praying for you. My prayers for you have changed. I'm praying that God will soften your heart. I'm praying that you will open your eyes and see exactly how much damage you are causing, not only to your kids, but to yourself. I'm praying that you will see how much pain you are causing those around you. I'm praying that you will find yourself in a place where you actually care about the consequences your actions are having. I pray that God will radically change whatever is going on in your heart.

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  1. I'll be praying too. It sounds scary for everyone involved.