Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When It Hits the Fan

Do you ever have days where nothing seems to happen to you, but all around you the crap is hitting the fan? That's the kind of day I had today.

I've been looking for a new job. This is a long and arduous process that has, thus far, been quite fruitless. But for some reason, work hasn't been that bad.

I know, it sounds crazy to me too. Especially when I say it out loud. But it's true. I've been getting along well with my co-workers. I've been smiling and laughing more. And these are genuine smiles and laughs, not the fake kind that I usually dole out to our customers simply because my employers pay me to. See, it sounds crazy, right?

I'm not saying that everything in my life has just been falling into place. I'm just saying that I realize that I've got it pretty good and really don't have a lot of room to complain.

And then I hear about the kind of day that friends are having. I generally don't care how people treat me. More often than not, I can take them or leave them. But when someone that I genuinely care about is being treated unjustly or unfairly or is legitimately and purposefully being hurt, I get really angry.

I've been told that when I get worked up, I become more of an extrovert. Does that mean that I should get angry more often, just so I'll be forced to be more sociable with strangers? I don't snap at strangers, I'm just more forthright with them and am more willing to make my presence known.

I really didn't have a point in this blog post. I just didn't have anything specific to write about and these random thoughts were exactly what was on my mind at this exact moment. So take them. Run with them. Do with them as you like. I'm going to bed.

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