Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Single Guy Needs Advice

I have a few regular readers, right? Some of you out there have kept up with this thing on a regular, sometimes daily basis. So a lot of you are probably aware of the fact that I've written of a beautiful girl that visits my teller window at work roughly once a week.

For nearly a year I've been working at this branch and I've seen this girl come through many times. And every time she completes her business and drives away, I find myself wishing I was the kind of person who had the nerve to just strike up a conversation with a stranger.

I haven't been on a real date in a very long time. If memory serves, it was early in W's first term. Very long time. So even if I had the nerve to strike up that conversation, I'm not sure I'd know what to say.

Here's the situation for those of you just joining us. This girl, who shall remain anonymous, comes to my bank about once a week, sometimes more. And more often than not, she drives through lane one, meaning I'm face to face with her, separated by two inches of glass. Other tellers have noticed that she generally removes her sunglasses when I help her out. But when I'm not there and someone else helps her, she leaves them on.

Also, it seems to me that she smiles just a little more each time she comes by. I'm not sure if that actually means anything. In fact, I could just be imagining things. Could just be wishful thinking. But what if it's not? What if she actually looks on me with interest?

Now, I don't think I'm a bad lookin' guy. But I'm definitely not in this lady's league. Speaking superficially, I may be a 7 on a good day. This girl is pushing 10. And yes, I realize there's a movie coming out this Friday that deals with this very subject. Maybe I should go see it and take notes.

So I ask you, my readers, what should I do? Should I let her go and just pretend that she's not that hot? Or should I find some way to ask her for coffee? And if so, how do I do such a crazy thing? Also, do you think that I've been too generous in giving myself a 7?

I'm genuinely asking these questions hoping to get some responses. Help a brother out!


  1. Yes, ask this girl out. The worst that can happen in she says no thank you. And then you would know. You are way more than a 7, I think. I don't know about striking up a conversation with her at your window that just doesn't seem right. But you do know her name and probably her address and possible her phone number. All of this is on the check or deposit slip, right? Copy it down and make an after hours call. It may be your once in a lifetime chance so go for it. Keep us posted.

  2. Not sure I would suggest getting her info off her check/deposit slip as that may be illegal and could potentially get you fired, but I do think you should ask her out, or at least strike up a conversation. Maybe do something cute, like add in a sucker with her paperwork next time? See what kind of reaction you get then?

  3. Yeah, sorry 2Cats... I just don't think I can go with the phone number/address thing. Much as I may hate my job, I sure don't want to get fired. I'm thinking just asking if she wants to have coffee sometime may just be simple enough to work. Gonna have to remember to breathe though...

  4. I was on vacation for a week, so I am catching up on the latest posts...

    DO IT! I would ask about coffee or something simple--and remember what you just wrote in your post about the movie. :) Be confident! You have to do it...or you'll never know. I'm not a huge believer in soulmates and all that yadda, yadda, but I do believe in the person of your dreams or even better. She could very well be that person--or someone that could turn into a great friend--or you could find out after having coffee with her that she is someone that it is good to have two inches of glass in between. :) (I doubt that, but you know...)

    You have me silently rooting for you! I'm looking forward to a happy update. :)