Saturday, March 13, 2010

She's Out of My League

The reasons I wanted to see this movie were several. First and foremost, the girl that makes up the girl half of the relationship in this romantic comedy is smokin' hot and could very well be worth the price of admission alone. Second, I can sort of relate to the plight of the guy part of the relationship. I'll get more into that in a bit.

I like a good romantic comedy. I'm hesitant to call them "chick flicks" even when the term properly applies. It does not apply in this case. While it does have its "chick flick" aspects that are typical for the rom-com, it also contains more than a few crude elements that I just thought were unnecessary. But, I guess in this post-40-Year-Old Virgin universe that we live in, your general audience is going to expect a certain amount of obscene language, gestures, and overall gross-out humor to complete a movie. Sadly, I too expected it. And I even laughed at most of it. But that doesn't mean I thought it was needed.

Moving on... The story involves Kirk, a guy that doesn't think much of himself and works security at the Pittsburgh airport. He meets Molly, the smokin' hot girl mentioned above. Molly notices him when he's the only one of his coworkers not slobbering all over himself and acting like a jerk just to get some face time with her. She notices him even more when he finds her missing iPhone. They meet up, they hit it off, dates are had. It's all very heartwarming.

Enter their friends. Molly's friend Patty plants the idea in her mind that she might be too good for Kirk. Kirk's friend Stainer plants the idea that there's no way in this world or the next that he should ever have a realistic shot with her. After some mistakes are made, sadly, Molly and Kirk start listening to their friends. These friends realize that, despite the unlikelihood of Molly and Kirk actually making it as a couple, they're miserable without each other.

Throw in a good airport chase scene and a touching moral of the story and you have the makings of a classic romantic comedy. I don't think it will rank up there with When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle, but it's still pretty good. Again, it would have worked just fine without the crudity, but if that's what puts people in the seats, so be it Hollywood.

Throughout the movie we're treated to the one to ten scale of hotness. Kirk is judged as a five while Molly is seen as a ten. This scale becomes Kirk's downfall. However, early on, the only one of Kirk's friends who actually seems to have it all together makes a good point. When you love someone they're a ten. Of course he's berated by the other guys, but what he said makes sense and, in the end, turned out to be true.
So what's the moral of the story? I don't know what it would have been for the ladies, but for guys like me, it's to have a little more self-esteem. As with all of these types of movies, the couple has a falling out over something that seems kind of ridiculous before they get a chance to really find their happily ever after. In this one, it all comes down to how they see themselves. More specifically, it comes down to how Kirk sees himself, and why he thinks he's so inferior to Molly. It comes down to Molly hating the fact that these guys consider her perfect and place her on a pedestal, creating a picture in their minds that she can never possibly live up to. What Kirk eventually learns is that he needs to just be who he is. He learns that being himself means not living down to other people's expectations of him, but living up to his own expectations of himself.

Overall it was enjoyable. And it wasn't just because Molly was smokin' hot. It's worth seeing, but if you wait 'til it's on DVD, you won't really be missing anything either. Happy viewing kids.

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