Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ode to the Girl in the White SUV

Each morning when I get up
I struggle just to sit up

I think about the job I do
and wish that I could say, "I'm through!"

For months and months I've felt depressed.
At work I often feel oppressed.

But lately something's changed my mind;
lately someone's caught my eye.

She drives a large white SUV.
This girl has grabbed my heart, you see.

My knees grow weak, my heartbeat races;
I turn to see the others' faces.

They laugh and think that I'm obsessed.
My heart may jump out of my chest.

I stumble for the proper words
Something that doesn't sound too absurd.

Simply, I greet her, and run her transaction,
But wish I could take some gutsier action.

I'm sure that she never remembers my name,
A poor guy like me that just has no game.

But each time she comes with some business to do
It makes my day better, like things are brand new.

She gets her receipt and gives me a smile.
I wish I could ask her to wait just a while.

I'd like to share coffee or maybe a meal;
Maybe a movie, it's not a big deal.

But she drives on away in her big SUV.
I'm left with my thoughts, alone. Only me.

But my day just got better, or that's how it seems.
'Cause I got to talk to the girl of my dreams.

She didn't say much, but made an impression,
Enough to help save me from workplace depression.

And maybe tomorrow she'll come back my way
And I'll have the courage to finally say,

"I want to go out with you and kiss you good night,
Or we could just go make out, would that be all right?"

Until then I'll be left alone with my thoughts.
I'll think and I'll plan and I'll scheme and I'll plot.

I'll get her to notice me, someday, somehow.
Just sit back and watch, this is my vow.

BTW... I'm really not that good a poet. This was pretty much just for fun. Good night children.

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