Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Last Night of the Roaring 20s

This is not a post about the night of December 31, 1929. I'm sure an article about that night would be slightly depressing. After all, it was only two months after the stock market crashed, ushering in the Great Depression. So yeah, I think depressing is probably an appropriate year.

No, I'm writing about my evening last night. The night before my 30th birthday. The last night of my 20s.

I made the trip back to Roanoke from my current home in Wake Forest, NC. With the 30th birthday came the expiration of my driver's license. So I was forced to spend a great deal of time at the Division of Motor Vehicles. It is shockingly easy to reacquire one's license. All I had to do was sit and wait for an hour until they called my number, read the top line, and fork over 32 dollars. I haven't been tested on my driving skills in fourteen years, shouldn't they be worried about that?

After that, I drove out to my grandmother's house to visit with her and my mom for awhile. Mamaw had knee surgery several weeks ago, so I wanted to stop in and say hi. She seems to be doing really well. I didn't let her get up to show me her cartwheel, but I'm told she's walking very well without the aid of a walker.

After that I headed over to my friends' house. Brandon and Kara then treated me to dinner and we came back to the house to wait for Mark to get here from Bluefield. After that we didn't do a whole lot, other than sit around and talk. But that's what we tend to do when we get together. We reminisce. We laugh. We make fun of each other for things that happened eight years ago. Yeah, it's what we do.

Tonight I'll be getting together with a bunch of people at Macado's. It's gonna be awesome. And I'm pretty sure I could go for a nap before then though. Not sure I like the aging thing.

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