Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Jeremy's Question

Jeremy's question: Who is your favorite President from the show 24? What else would you change or doe besides the holiday if you held the highest seat in the land?

Okay, favorite president from 24 is, hands down, David Palmer. All of the fictional presidents that have come along since him have paled in comparison. I mean, Charles Logan was a joke. And the current president, Allison Taylor, is way too whiny.

And I've thought about the change thing a lot over the years. I know it's impractical and it would never work, but I'd change some driving laws. I know that these things are governed by state laws, but I'd like to see a mandatory annual driving test for people over a certain age (to be determined). If, once they reach a certain age, and they are unable to skillfully operate a motor vehicle, it's time to take the license away. I know, many would argue that it takes away a great deal of their independence. I agree. But there would be programs in place to help the elderly to get where they need to be. All those people who have community service hours? Time to make them start chauffeuring folks wherever they need to go. Grandma has to get her hair done? We got a kid that was caught spray painting the overpass that can get her there.

Wait, do we really want our grandparents riding around with convicted criminals, even those with the slightest of offenses. I should probably rethink that one. You know what, I'll just let the vice president deal with that when the time comes. Next question!

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