Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Heather's Question

Heather's question: If you could create one new holiday what would it be? When and how would we celebrate it?

This is a hard question. 'Cause it seems to me that all the good, practical holidays have been thought of. As far as Christianity goes, we've got the birth and resurrection of Christ covered. Thanksgiving makes pretty good sense, even in a secular world. And then there's Independence Day, always good to remind people of some patriotism. I'm a fan of the Memorial Day and the Veterans' Day, always good to remember what people have sacrificed in order for us to take our freedom for granted. As for the others, I'm not sure most of them make sense. Important birthdays? I have to take a vacation day for my birthday, doesn't seem fair to me. New Year's Day? Really, what's the point of that? So that a bunch of people can get over their hangovers? I mean, the party sort of fizzles at midnight the night before, right? That can't be much different than most nights, maybe a little later than normal for some, but come on. Valentine's Day? Don't get me started. So if I were to create a new holiday, it would have to be friggin' awesome.

You know, that's what we'll call it. Awesome Day. It would be a mandatory Monday holiday in April, giving government, postal, and bank workers a day off. To celebrate (and this is optional, no one should be made to do anything they don't want to do), people would get together and celebrate each other's awesomeness. Sure, it would be an excuse to have a cook-out and toss back some beverages of whatever kind the participants so choose. But it would be awesome. Not like some lame cook-out on the 4th of July. Awesome Day actually sounds kind of lame. I'm sorry, I just shouldn't be put in charge of re-creating our calendar. Remember that when I'm president.

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