Monday, March 01, 2010

Crystal's Question

Please, oh please, tell me your thoughts about the Idols so far. Do you have some predictions yet for a winner this season?

Crystal, of course, is referring to American Idol. Actually Crystal, I have not been watching American Idol this season. I caught a few of the audition episodes, but other than that I really haven't watched it. I saw one of the Hollywood episodes and was unimpressed, overall, with the kids they had left. So I'm sorry, I have no predictions for this year. I'm not sure what the deal is, there just isn't anything happening on there to grab my attention this year. And I've been staying pretty busy. Tuesdays I'm involved in a Bible study now, so if I make it home for any TV, I try to watch Lost, but usually I end up catching up on that and 24 over at the Greenehouse on Wednesday nights when nothing is going on. Since I don't have my own DVR anymore, I have to go with other people's priorities.

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