Saturday, February 06, 2010

Super Mario and the Super Let-Down

A few months ago, Nintendo came out with a brand new Super Mario game. New Super Mario Bros. Wii brought with it the ability to play a game with new control capabilities and new graphics. It also brought an incredible amount of nostalgia. In a world full of 3D graphics and the need to put the player right into the game, it was nice to see a classic side-scrolling 2D kind of adventure.

But this game was wicked hard. It was a lot harder than I remember the Mario games being when I was a kid. So, is it just me? I mean, when I was a kid I prided myself on being able to master those classic Super Mario Bros. titles. I loved being able to explore all those different levels, find all the hidden power ups, all the extra lives. But I started playing this new game and I found myself losing heart before making it to world 3.

So is Nintendo just making things a lot harder these days? Or have I just completely lost touch with the kid that I once was?

But here I am, several months after buying the new game, and I finally defeated Bowser. I saved the princess. And I was kind of disappointed by the ending. But why should I be disappointed? Why should I be surprised at my disappointment? All of these games always end the same. Mario stops Bowser. He rescues the kidnapped princess. The end. Why would a new version of the same old story have a different ending?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is coming soon. Maybe things there will be different. Doubtful though. We'll be back to the modern 3D junk, flying around to different places, saving the princess all over again. She should really look into getting a better security system. We can't just have a giant fire-breathing dinosaur creature breaking into the palace at the Mushroom Kingdom every few months. It's beginning to border on ridiculous.

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