Monday, February 15, 2010

The Perils of Pizza Delivery, Part 4

It's President's Day, and while I was more than happy to have the day off from the bank, I was required to deliver pizza. I can't remember the last time I had to work a Monday night. And they just happened to schedule me on one of the few Mondays that I don't have to work the day job. Thanks guys.

I got there tonight and attempted to clock in, as I normally do. But the computer screen told me that my insurance had expired and refused to let me clock in. I knew the computer had to be wrong. Geico took $38 out of my account Saturday. I better not be expired.

A shift manager that I didn't know at all (and I'm still not sure of his name) spent the first half hour I was at the store trying to figure out how to update my information in the system. That's right, I was there for half an hour without getting paid. That was a lot of fun for me.

We finally got all of that settled. And then, another wrinkle, the computer that the drivers use to assign deliveries decided to stop working all together. I guess the system wasn't pleased with my last minute insurance renewal and punished us all.

Just when you think you can trust the computers...

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