Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mark's Question

Do you keep a list of goals that you want to accomplish this week, month, year, and decade? If so, what are some of them? If not, what would some of them be?

I don't keep a written list of goals. It's not something I think of very often. And that could very well be the reason that I'm about to hit 30 and feel like I haven't accomplished much. I'd say the only goal that I set for myself, and also accomplish on a regular basis, is to post something to my blog every day. But, considering that web page isn't exactly taking me places, I should probably be willing to set some more long-term goals for myself. So here come some goals:

3-6 Months: Find a new job!
Year: Complete a novel.
Decade: Become a published writer.

Anyone out there want to hold me to those?

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