Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode LXXII

I've written of the beautiful girl that comes to the drive through every now and again. It seems that she can go several weeks without putting in an appearance, but then she makes up for it by driving through once a day for roughly a week. I like to think that she's making up for time lost.

That's sort of what's happened over the last few days at work. I'm fairly certain that I hadn't seen she-who-shall-not-be-named since 2009. Then Friday I saw her car pull up and I had to force myself to contain my excitement. Okay, I didn't have to force myself too much. I am the picture of calm under pressure. Unless I get really irritated, but even then I'm able to keep a lid on things in front of the customers. Anyway, she had no idea the joy that was just under the surface.

To top it off, she came by again on Monday. I couldn't believe it. Two business days in a row when I hadn't seen her in a month. I saw that white SUV pull into view and the stress of the previous few hours just melted away. And then I saw her sitting behind the wheel. I know this is entirely superficial, but as good as she looked when I saw her Friday, she looked exponentially better on Monday. I don't think hot is a strong enough word.

She came by Tuesday too. But I was at lunch. Thus I missed her third visit. Ryan, our newest addition to the branch came back to the break room to brag that he saw her and I didn't. I'm not sure I appreciated that. But it's okay. I like to think she was disappointed that I wasn't there when she drove by. According to April, a fellow teller, you-know-who did not take off her sunglasses. That is one of her usual moves when I speak to her. Coincidence? April also mentioned that she did not make eye contact as much as she generally does. Again, coincidence?

I'm fairly certain that the following will never happen, but in my mind, the possibility exists. She could drive by some day and invite me to lunch. It is at that point that I would have to inform my manager that I quit. I would have to walk out on my job. When I informed Ryan about that possible chain of events, he told me that if I didn't quit for that very reason, he would fire me. It's good that someone else in the branch understands just how amazingly gorgeous this woman is.

I mean really, how superficial am I now?

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