Friday, February 26, 2010

Kelly's Question

My first reply was from Kelly, who asked:
Do you still talk in movie quotes? If so, which movie do you find yourself quoting most regularly these days?

She asked this because back in the college years, my friends and I tended to throw around movie quotes as if it were normal to have in everyday conversation. I'm not sure if it would be agreed that I used the movie and TV lines more often than most others, but I may have.

And to answer the question, yes, I still talk in movie quotes, just not very often. I find that I am still fairly fluent in movie lines, I just don't find myself in situations where they make relevant sense very much. The people I hang out with now usually don't get it when I make movie references. Occasionally they get it, but I find that it's usually wasted on people I spend time with at work. When I get around the college friends we tend to slide back into the same old movie lines that we used to use regularly. But these days, I'd say that I don't have a movie that I regularly lean on for conversations.

Thanks to Kelly for the first question. Keep 'em coming!

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