Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode LXVIII

I don't often find something to laugh about while I'm on the job. Not because funny things don't happen. Generally it's because I let my sour attitude to affect all aspects of my day.

But there is something that happens several times a day at the branch in which I work. And it's pretty funny to watch. Well, it's funny when I actually witness it. Usually I miss it because I'm facing away from the lobby. The curse of the drive through teller.

The entrance to our branch consists of double doors made of mostly glass. On the outside, there are handles. To enter the building, one must pull them open manually. To leave, one must push out.

Even though every person that comes into the bank had to use their hands to pull the door open, something snaps in many of them while they're inside. They seem to think that, during the five to ten minutes they were in the building, our manual doors became automatic motion-sensing doors.

They approach the doors, and then they just stand there. They look at the doors, just expecting them to open up. A lot of the time, they'll even wave their hands, hoping the extra movement will do the trick. I'd like to tell someone, just once, to stomp on the mat, just to make them think the sensor is under the floor. Not sure I could get away with blatantly mocking a customer like that though.

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  1. Late this week but glad I made it - this is funny. I can picture you standing there watching, waiting to see what they try...