Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Good Old Days

When I think about the good old days, I tend to think of the college years first. While I was at Bluefield College I met some of the best friends I've ever known. These were friends that were just down the hall. They were friends that I got to see and hang out with all the time. They were friends that became family to me while I was living in Bluefield.

But I think we tend to look back at the good old days through a fog of nostalgia. When life catches up to us, we tend to look back and choose which memories we wish to keep. The good old days are only good as long as we only remember the good memories. If we would be honest with ourselves, I'm sure we'd all have to admit that the good old days weren't always good.

Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of good to those good old days. But there had to have been some bad, right? I tend to look at my present through the fog of whatever problems happen to arise from day to day. But really, life isn't that bad. There's a lot of good that comes with the bad. Just like the past had some bad to come along with the good.

There were research papers, exams, broken hearts, illnesses, loss of family. All of that is just a part of the laughs, the classic stories, the legendary adventures. The good old days do not make us who we are today. It's the sum of the good and the bad, the past and the present. All of those things turn us into who we are and help to shape who we're constantly becoming.