Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol: I Would Have Said No to Both of You

And we're back in Atlanta for more auditions. Tonight's guest judge is one Mary J. Blige. The try outs take place on the 27th floor of some building. That's a rough ride back down if they get the usual judges' response.

Up first is Dewone Robinson singing an original song. And he's singing in falsetto. And then he's singing crazy low. Back to falsetto. This is a train wreck. And they get him to start three times. And he's singing in the elevator. He needs to be careful, 'cause it might cause the thing to plummet.

Next is Keia Johnson, who won Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant. She actually does seem like a nice person. After singing My Heart Will Go On, she's given four yea votes. Keia then opens the door for a montage of southern women that make it to Hollywood. After that we have our first touching story of the night with Jermaine Sellers, a church singer who takes care of his sick mother. And he's not one of those church singers that thinks he's better than he really is. He's definitely next round material.

Christy is up next singing Love is a Battlefield. And it's bad. Followed by lots of bad. Love a montage. I'm not gonna pay attention. Gotta take a phone call...

Sorry. A friend called that I haven't talked to in a while. And I don't have a DVR anymore. So I prioritize. I think I missed the final golden ticket of the first day. I'm sure it was all very good. But now it's time for day two in Atlanta. The first guy we see, Jesse, has apparently had a few close brushes with death. And I'm sorry, but you can barely understand him when he speaks, I'm not sure how he'll sound when he sings. Mary J is having a hard time keeping it together for this one. Can't say I blame her. That's gotta be a no.

There's a girl that's dressed like a guitar. She calls herself the human guitar. I'd say no just because of that. I hate gimmicks. Sadly, she actually has a decent voice. A very country voice, but still pretty good. Based on the voice I'd send her through. So do the judges. After her, there are a lot of day two people that get rejected. And then we get Mallorie Haley dropping some Janis Joplin on us. And she does it better than Joplin. But I don't like Joplin (think I said that in last night's post too). She's Hollywood bound.

I'm gonna end this early again. There's another half hour of the same thing. This bores me. I'm done with Atlanta. Peace out.

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