Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I really didn't sleep last night. And it wasn't for a lack of trying.

My left leg was hurting some kind of awful. There was absolutely nothing I could do to get comfortable. I tossed and turned for hours before sleep finally overtook me and I was too tired to deal with the pain in my leg.

The whole time I wondered what could be causing the pain. When I'd get up to walk around, I could still feel it, but it didn't get any worse. So it's not as if I was immobilized by it. When I would lie back down, it actually did get worse.

For years I've seen commercials for what's been deemed "Restless Leg Syndrome." All this time I've just thought of that as some condition that the pharmaceutical companies made up just so they could sell more drugs. But what if it's a real thing?

Woke up this morning after grabbing a few decent hours of sleep, felt right as rain. Sure hope that doesn't happen again. It was really uncomfortable.


  1. Take it from someone who has had restless leg symdrome for longer than there was a name for it, this is a real thing. The pharmaceutical companies could not have come up with this one. My legs kick so violently some nights that my husband has bruises. I never know when the kicking is going to happen, just that it is. Many, many sleepless nights before a fantastic drug was introduced..Now it just isn't as bad.
    Another thing with RLS is the feeling of nat being able to hold your legs still. They seem to move all on their own.
    This is not a fun thing to have and I sincerely hope you do not.

  2. That actually sounds pretty rough. Pretty sure that's not my problem. I was just incredibly uncomfortable, no kicking to speak of, aside from the random throes of trying to find comfort. I guess my deal is just an unexplained ache. Didn't feel like a cramp and I know it can't be growing pains. Guess it'll just remain a mystery.