Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Opinions Needed

The other day I wrote here that I was going to be changing the blog once 2010 hits. But for that to happen, I need some opinions.

Seeing as how I have approximately three readers, I certainly don't want to alienate you, the faithful few. But I'd also like to welcome new readers as well.

So this is where you come in. In the comments, let me know what you'd like to see.

I'll be changing the site address, but should I start fresh or import all of my old posts, basically keeping the blog the same?

Should I drastically alter the look of the blog?

Should I come up with funnier things to post?

Should I break down and finally get that tattoo I've been putting off for years?

Should I begin doing those periodic video blogs that I'd been dreaming of, or do I have a face for radio?

These are questions that only you can answer. I leave my future in your capable hands.


  1. First - Merry Christmas - from reading your other posts it sounds like a very full holiday :)
    I think you should do whatever you want here - it's your home. I would however migrate old posts over. You may want to look back someday and read them.
    I'd like to hear some bank stories. I know you must have some. You could change names and post them as fiction. Anyone who deals with the public on a regular basis HAS to have some stories.

  2. Thanks, Dee, I hope you had a great Christmas as well. I definitely do have some bank stories, but I've been holding back. Since my coworkers all know about the blog now I've had to be careful about what I say. I'm pretty sure one of my previous posts hurt someone's feelings and has made things a bit tense in the workplace. I kind of have to pick my battles from here on in... At least as long as I'm still employed there.

  3. Definitely import. You don't want to lose everything you've built, and it's fun to look back. New readers might want to go back and catch up on some things they've missed, too.

    Change it up! Not that there's anything wrong with the way it looks now, but it's always fun to change things up.

    The funnier the better, that's what I always say.

    That depends ENTIRELY on what you want to get and where. And how good the person doing the art is. You don't want to end up on ugliesttattoos.com
    I always think better safe than sorry on this one, but my husband has a cool one, and I like it, so again. . . just do some good research, and make sure it's something you'll always love.

    I'd watch your videos, but you'd have to smile and, you know, emote.

    Thanks. Grace and peace out.