Sunday, December 06, 2009

New Moon

I'm late. It's after midnight. In my defense, I haven't been home for much of the day. And this may be the first time all year that I've been late with a blog post. Made it all the way to December. How do you like that?

I just got home from seeing New Moon. Statistically, I'm probably one of the last people in the country to see it for the first time. I hear it's been kicking some serious tail in the box office. Something about a record-breaking opening weekend or something crazy like that.

I'm not going to write an extensive review. Mostly because it's late. And at the start of the movie I had a headache. The only accessible medication was an Advil Cold & Sinus, which has a slightly drowsy affect on me. And while I'm typing what, to me, is completely coherent and understandable, I may come back and read it tomorrow and realize that I was in some kind of trance and none of this babbling makes any sense. If that is truly the case, I apologize.

So I'll say a few things about New Moon, but I don't think I'll be saying anything that hasn't been said before. This one was better than the first Twilight movie. An astonishing feat since I had no love for the book on which this sequel was based. I found the novel version of New Moon to be pretty dull. But the film was far superior.

Compared to the first movie, the acting was a lot better too. These kids seem to have adjusted to the characters they're playing and are a lot more comfortable with what they're doing. I still don't like Bella. I don't think that's a reflection of Kristen Stewart. I just don't like her character. I didn't like her character in the books either. So whiny and self-involved.

I do like Alice. I like Alice a lot. In a more than friends kind of way. And I don't care who knows it. You know, if thousands of squealing teenage girls can go gaga over Edward or Jacob, why can't I have a thing for a fictional vampire chick that sees the future? Plus, Ashley Greene is wicked hot. There, I said it. And to clarify, that's the girl that plays Alice. No relation to the Greenes that I'm friends with. But wouldn't that be nice? I'd love to have that connection.

Okay, I'm definitely rambling now. Time for sleep.


  1. that's okay LOL. I have a thing for Jasper :) I agree that the movie was much better than the first and I think better than the book. New Moon was my least favorite of the series but I think Eclipse will be even better - much more action. Bravo for shouting your Alice love to the world lol

  2. I agree with everything you said except for one point. Bella hatred is MOST DEFINITELY a reflection of K Stew. She SUUUUUUUUCKS! Not AS much in this as the first, but still a LOT.
    I actually really like Bella in the books, but Kristen pretty much just plays herself in the role...angsty teenagery piss ant.
    That's MY two cents anyway.
    Oh, and you know who else is hot? Kellan Lutz.