Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Decade Decoded

The last ten years had a lot of ups and downs. I'm pretty sure I can't list them all, but I think I can hit the high points...
  • I spent the first few hours of each of the first two years in the Emergency Room. Once was for a dislocated shoulder. The other was for bronchitis. Neither of those were fun experiences.
  • I saw hundreds of movies, but none of them were able to top Back to the Future for me.
  • I spent time in a country other than the United States. Twice.
  • I started and dropped out of graduate school. Twice.
  • I changed career paths. Twice. (And would really like to do that again please.)
  • I lost a parent.
  • I gained a step-parent.
  • I played a role in no fewer than eight weddings.
  • Two of those marriages have ended in divorce. Take that, national average!
  • I've stopped talking to friends I had at the beginning of the decade that I thought I'd be close to for the rest of my life.
  • I've become closer to some people than I ever thought I would at the beginning of the decade.
  • I didn't go fishing. Not once.
  • Pretty sure I only went camping twice.
  • I can't imagine how I made it through college without a cell phone. 'Cause now, I can't imagine why I would possibly need a land line.
  • While I enjoyed living with each of the six roommates I had in the last ten years, now that I've had a taste of living on my own, I'm not sure I could go back to having a roommate again.
  • I haven't had a single pet of any kind in this decade.
  • I don't think another TV show will ever engross me the way Lost did.
  • I thought Bob Barker would be on The Price is Right forever. I was wrong.
  • I thought I would be making more money than I am now. I was way wrong.
So here's to 2010. Let's hope things are still heading up hill...

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  1. The first decade of the 2,000s doesn't sound too bad. But it is nice to know we always have room for change. I look forward to my changes also.