Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Finding More Readers

I had an interesting conversation with my boss today. He told me that I should find a way to get more readers on this blog.

He said that he thinks that I'd have more people reading if I were somebody. He wasn't trying to insult me. At least it didn't sound like he was insulting me. It sounded like he was complimenting me, implying that I write some interesting things. He said that if I were a columnist for a newspaper, people would read my stuff all the time.

So what do you think? Is that true? I'd love to be a columnist. But from what I understand, journalists work for years and would kill to have a regular column.

Charles went on to say that I should find a way to get the word out on the internet somehow. He did mention that if one were to Google "Carp Dime," my blog is the first thing to show up.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking I could do a post one day and just list a bunch of famous names. Really, I could just list some frequently searched words and phrases. Then, when someone Googles those famous people or the frequently searched words and phrases, somewhere on the list would appear my blog.

I'm looking for other suggestions. Please feel free to comment...

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