Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It seems that a lot happens to me while I'm driving. I come up with a lot of good blog posts based on the things I witness while I'm in my car. This morning as I was driving to work, I was in an accident.

First let me assure you all that I'm okay. I was not injured and my car is still drivable. But you know there's more of a story than that.

We were in heavy traffic, as is the norm for the early morning commute. So it was stop and go the whole way. It's just that when the cars in front of me and I stopped, the woman behind me didn't quite get that signal.

I have a tendency to look in my mirror whenever I feel like I hit the brakes quickly, just to make sure the person behind me knows to stop too. Most of the time, I see the driver behind me stop just short of hitting me. I'm used to that in the traffic I normally deal with. But this morning, I knew she wasn't stopping. I had time to let that thought float through my head as I watched her smash into my rear bumper.

We pulled off to the median. We were both more concerned for the safety of the other than with the damage done to either car. As we were both walking around and coherent of our surroundings, we proceeded from there. I made the call to the police, that way a report could be filed, just in case insurance wanted to have that record. She gave me all her information and asked me to call her once I got an estimate. She may just want to pay out of pocket, so I'll leave that to her if that's what floats her boat.

As for the damage to my car, the bumper is cracked and is buckled up in one spot. The only thing that concerns me is that I can't get my trunk open. The part that buckled up on the bumper seems to have it pinned shut. I don't so much care about having the bumper replaced. I don't care about the crack in it. If the damage is merely cosmetic, then it doesn't matter to me. I'd just like to get back into the trunk at some point.

So I've got the day off tomorrow. I'll take the car to a body shop and have them take a look at it. I'll find out how much they'll charge, and I'll also ask about just getting the bumper hammered back down so I can open the trunk. Either way, I figure I'll call the girl sometime and let her know whatever I'm told.

I've never dealt with all this insurance stuff. This is all very new to me.

I should have asked her to slam into my car a few more times. Maybe it could've gotten totaled. Then I could get a new car. One that doesn't have a new problem every three months.

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