Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm pretty sure it's a bad idea to wait until six days before Christmas to begin one's Christmas shopping. But that's exactly what I did. Thankfully, I was able to begin and end it all in one place.

This isn't a commercial for Target. It's actually a friendly warning to folks to stay away from the super-retail stores of the world this close to Christmas. The place was packed today. It was amazingly uncomfortable knowing how many people were there.

I found myself weaving in and out of families and shopping carts. I nearly collided with more than one small child who had been left to his or her own devices and allowed to wander freely through the aisles.

As I watched all the people throughout the store, I got it in my head what an agoraphobe may feel. At least a tiny bit anyway. So many people in one place can be unsettling.

I'm not agoraphobic. And I don't know what someone with that fear may truly feel. But I can promise you that I'll be staying away from Target for at least the next week. Really glad I got all that shopping done.

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  1. My husband is agoraphobic. He can not leave home without the help of very strong drugs. He has not been inside a store in over 8 years. For him it started as claustrophobia in stores such as Target. Now he never leaves the house except to go to the garage.