Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Working Out Revisited

Today I experienced the 2nd half of my orientation at the gym. I realize that it's been a good three or four years since I've been inside a gym, but really, do I need a two part orientation? I've worked out before, I know what the machines do. I know how to not drop a weight on my foot.

Today was the trainer's sales pitch. He had me work out with a lot of the free weights, then he sat me down and wanted to set up a five session package for $150. I had to shut it down at that point.

First of all, today was not the day to convince me to spend more time with this guy. Especially not after the work-out he put me through. By the end of it I felt like I was gonna die. And I was pretty sure that, if that had happened, I'd have been okay with it.

Second, and more importantly, there's no way I'm paying extra money for someone to motivate me and give me an "atta boy!" whenever I hit that 20th rep on the bench press. I'm already paying for the monthly membership, that's motivation enough.

When I left I was so freakin' sore. I'm still feeling it in my legs. When I got to work after leaving the gym I just wanted to stand there. The chair looked very inviting, but I knew that if I sat down I wouldn't want to get back up.

I don't look forward to waking up tomorrow. I know that as bad as today felt, tomorrow will be worse. Should be good times.

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