Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Wind in My Face

Last month when I was in Bluefield for Homecoming, the ventilation system in my car stopped working. For a while, I had been experiencing condensation building up and leaking onto the floor of the car. Eventually, that condensation caused the motor in the vent to short out.

Since then, I've been driving around with no way to turn on the air conditioning when it was unseasonably warm. No way to turn on the heat when the temperature finally dropped. No way to defrost the windows when they got fogged up. That last one was pretty rough when delivering pizzas. Those things tend to steam up the car a bit.

Monday I was finally able to get the problem fixed. I got the motor replaced and now it blows like the wind. I have so many options now! Defrost, heat, A/C! I can even mix and match!

However, a problem remains. All that condensation still drains into the passenger side floor. That can't be good. So, does anyone out there know how I can make the car drain properly? I'm guessing that, eventually, it'll cause my new motor to short out. In the meantime, it just pours out and kinda makes me have to pee.

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