Saturday, November 28, 2009


I like to cook. But I just don't do it that often.

See, living alone, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do much cooking. Generally, recipes come designed for more than one person. So a lot of the time, that means that more than half of whatever I make ends up going to waste or sits in the refrigerator until it becomes self-aware and stages a coup in the kitchen.

You may be asking what I actually eat. It's not always fast food and take out, don't worry. But my real choices probably aren't much better: sandwiches, cereal, and frozen dinners. It's handy when meals come in individual packaging. Eliminates the need for the leftovers.

But then Thanksgiving came this year. I didn't cook a turkey or any of the traditional side dishes. But I did cook a pumpkin pie. I didn't make the pie, just cooked it from its frozen state. Thank you Sara Lee. Thus far, I've only eaten two slices, and in the next day or so, I'll probably forget that it's in my fridge.

Also on Thursday, I made sausage balls using my Dad's recipe. Now, this isn't a meal, but I still had to cut the recipe in half. And that's still plenty of appetizer for multiple people. Thankfully, the raw product is good for freezing and cooking at a later time, so I only had to cook a few in order to make sure the final result was good.

However, I was told later that this was the worst batch I had ever made and that I should just leave them all at the Greenehouse to be disposed of properly. I'll take that as a complement.

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