Sunday, November 22, 2009


I like to look up at night. Mostly on those cloudless nights when you can see the universe beyond our own atmosphere. When there's the cover of clouds, it's not quite as much fun to stare upward.

There are a lot of times when I'll stand there pondering the vastness of the universe, and I think about the possibility of countless planets orbiting countless stars populating countless galaxies.

I don't believe that life has originated anywhere else. And I suppose that comes from a firm faith in what the Bible says about creation and God's hand in it. So a lot of people out there who look to the stars may wonder what's the point of it all? Why would God create such an enormous space, but only place life on one pebble?

Some people would consider that a waste of space. Science shows us that there is more out there, that there's more to see than what can be found on the third planet in our solar system. There are other stars and other planets that can be seen through the lens of modern technology. And for every heavenly body that can be seen, there are millions more that can't.

This is where I get to thinking. God doesn't have to explain to mankind why He does the things He does. He's God. He doesn't need us. He wants us though. He created us so that we could glorify Him. Of course we fall short in that area, but that was our purpose in creation. That's the purpose of all creation: to glorify God.

So you have all of outer space, and all of these planets with geographic formations that we could never even imagine. Maybe God put it all out there so He'd have something nice to look at.

There is so much beauty, just in this world, that we don't always see. But God sees it. How small of us to think that there wouldn't be beauty elsewhere that we can't see. But God sees it.