Sunday, November 01, 2009


I've never been one who longed for adventure. I'm perfectly content obtaining my adventure through television, movies, and books. But that doesn't necessarily mean that my life is completely devoid of adventure.

But adventure comes in all shapes and sizes. One man's adventure may not qualify in the eyes of another. To some, the term adventure brings to mind only a grand plot involving espionage, fisticuffs, and gunfire.

I say that adventure can found on a smaller scale as well.

This morning, after waking with every intention of going to church, I ended up in a car heading to parts of this city that I had never before seen. My friend Nicole, along with three of her five children, picked me up at my apartment and we headed off to parts unknown.

Despite the extra hour of sleep last night, we were late for church due to circumstances beyond our control. So plans shifted. We began thinking about a late breakfast, but our bodies were telling us it was closer to lunch, so we held off for a bit. Deciding where to eat, well that's always an adventure in itself.

First we wanted to check out a pizza place that the kids had been to with Kevin. This restaurant is to be found in a little place known as Rolesville. We got there only to discover that, on Sundays, they didn't open until 4. That was not good news for our rumbling bellies.

I'm not sure what brought it on, but Nicole suggested Five Guys Burgers & Fries. I've heard of such a place but have never experienced their incredible hamburgers. So we set out once again for our new destination. Apparently there was a lot of hype surrounding the Five Guys' burgers. After enjoying a bacon cheeseburger, I'm happy to say that the hype is well warranted.

After the early lunch we decided to take a stroll through Target. This soon turned into a research party when I received a phone call from Andy, who was on the road but needed help finding some comforting Bible passages appropriate for a funeral. Luckily, Target had a small section devoted to devotionals and Bibles. This proved to be very helpful.

After all was said and done, a rainy morning turned out to be more fun than the surface would have made it appear. I think that goes to show that the best of adventures, whether big or small, are completely based on the fact that you're just not sure what the next step will be.


  1. Well I know how much you look forward to adventures

  2. You have certainly proved that adventure us just round the corner and were clever enough to recognize it. Great post.