Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Last weekend I finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife. The first time I heard of the story was when I began seeing commercials for the film version. I was intrigued. As a lifelong Back to the Future fan, I'm always interested in something involving time travel.

Well Nicole bought and read the book some time ago. She then loaned the book to me, claiming that it had made her cry more than any book she'd read. At least I think she said that. I know it was something similar to that. I'm paraphrasing I'm sure. I'm also sure, that if I'm wrong, she'll make it known in the comments.

Anyway, I went into the book with the foreknowledge that things would be sad at some point. And with it being a sci-fi/romantic drama, yes, there are some sad moments. But I didn't cry.

Overall I found the book very entertaining. Audrey Niffenegger writes the book from the perspectives of both the time traveler (Henry) and his wife (Clare). What's really impressive is that she's able to write from their perspectives at different ages, particularly Clare as a small child, giving all the information in run-on sentences kind of like what I'm doing now.

I'm curious to see the movie now that I've finished the book. Unfortunately, it didn't do very well in the box office and has long since vanished from theaters. Thus, I wait for the DVD release. If only I could travel to the future, then I could just Netflix it right away. Or I could go to the past and see it while it was still in the cinema.

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