Saturday, October 03, 2009

Some Days

How many of us have days like the one I've had today?

Today wasn't special. I didn't wake up early with plans to do anything in particular. I just woke up because the sky was a bright blue. And that's what people do once the sun has risen. Unless they work nights, but that just totally messes with their internal clocks. I should know.

I went through my regular morning routine, minus the shower. The way I see it, no plans, no shower. Who was I trying to impress? Though my first glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror was a little scary. I'm not sure how my hair gets to the point where it's standing straight up, but it somehow reached that point last night.

I wasn't hungry just yet, so I skipped breakfast. A few hours later I found myself reheating leftover pizza. I just can't seem to repress that feeling of hunger for very long.

Other than that, I've spent most of the day reading. I got caught up on a couple TV shows that I missed this week. It's the downside to not having my own DVR, but the upside to having the internet. I did finally take a shower. Around 1:30 I ran my hand through my hair and realized it was still standing straight up. It was time to do something about that.

I've had very little contact with anyone outside the walls of my apartment. I sent a text to Nicole earlier. Just one of those things to let someone know I was still alive in here. I got one reply, and that's been the extent of my human contact. I didn't even Facebook anyone today. And I'm pretty sure I haven't dropped off a tweet since last night.

Is it only single people who are faced with days like this? I can't imagine anyone with a family could possibly go an entire day without leaving their home. People with spouses and kids have so many other things to do. Soccer games; grocery shopping; dance class; phone calls from nosy out-of-towners.

These days don't come around all that often for me. Usually I'm able to at least break up the monotony by taking a drive somewhere, having lunch with a friend, or even working that second job.

I really should get out more.

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  1. I so never left the house saturday either,oh wait is it because im single now?