Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Last Question

So I've got this friend who wanted to ask a question last week when I asked so many times for questions. But he never got around to it. So instead, a couple days ago, he left his question as a wall post on my Facebook page. And being the generous blog poster that I am, here it is...

Brandon asks: What's your favorite Huey Lewis and the News song? Do you remember what you were dreaming about when you just started talking out loud that one time in college and you said, "He can go fast if he wants to?" I still really wanna know...

Mr. Caldwell, I'm afraid the answer to your second question isn't going to bear much fruit. I have no idea what I may have been dreaming about. For those of you unaware, I apparently talk in my sleep. At least I used to, back when I had roommates to tell me I was saying things. On one occasion, I had gone to bed earlier than my three roommates, as I generally did in those days. All I know for sure from that night is that I was sleeping, then I suddenly propped myself up and said, "He can run if he wants to!" Maybe I said "He can go fast..." I'm really not sure. I'm pretty sure I thought that I was just answering a question in the conversation that was going on between the still awake roommates. Not sure why I thought I was included in the conversation when I was so obviously asleep. The others all started a good laugh over my apparent confusion. I just turned over, faced the wall, and went back to sleep. No clue what dreams came before or after the event in question on that fateful night.

My favorite Huey Lewis and the News song is, without question, If This Is It. Most people who know me would probably assume the answer would be Power of Love or Back In Time, both featured in the greatest film of all time. That's just not the case. BTW, did you know that Huey Lewis himself had a cameo in Back to the Future? He was the guy, when Marty's band was auditioning for the dance, who told them they were just too darn loud. I'm not sure why I like If This Is It so much. I do know that it's one of those songs that just gives me an indescribable feeling when I hear it. There are a few songs out there that I don't hear often, but when I hear them I just remember what it was like to be a kid in the 80s without a care in the world. It's not like there's a huge emotional attachment to any of those songs, but they're just reminders of what life was like when I could still count my age on my fingers.

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