Monday, September 14, 2009

Off Their Meds

I used to work as a counselor in a place where kids were regularly medicated for various psychological issues. I saw the effects that some of these meds would have on the kids that took them. I also saw the effects that not taking these meds would have.

I did not watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night. But, I did read and hear about Kanye West's interruption when Taylor Swift won the Moonman for Best Female Video. Then when I got home from work I got the chance to see the actual video clip of what happened.

To me, this is almost as bad as Joe Wilson shouting "You lie!" during the president's address the other night. You're in a public forum and that's how you choose to conduct yourself? In Wilson's case, he obviously doesn't agree with Obama's policies or politics, but when the elected leader of the United States is invited to speak to both houses of Congress, is that really how you want to treat him?

And Kanye West has a history of putting his foot in his mouth on live television. It may be a good idea to just keep him away from live events from here on out. I don't know how winners are chosen for the VMAs, whether it's a fan vote or some kind of academy that chooses. But Taylor Swift won because the powers that be felt she deserved the win over all the other nominees, including Beyonce. And cheers to Beyonce for being a classy gal.

These two guys, this week, were apparently off their meds. When coming off of your psychotropic medications, you really need to step it down. When you're dealing with the chemistry of your brain, you really can't just quit cold turkey. Otherwise, you may end up doing stupid things like embarrassing yourself on national TV. You end up shouting things at the leader of the free world. You end up stealing microphones and causing 17-year-old award winners to feel really awkward at Radio City Music Hall.

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