Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fantasy Football

Every year around this time I get an e-mail from a friend from my Bluefield circle. It's an invitation to play Fantasy Football. And every year, I can't help but wonder why I get the invitation.

When we were fresh out of college, I participated in this time honored fall tradition. The first year I played along. I never really got the hang of things though. I kept up with it just enough to know I was losing royally.

The second year I signed up but never checked back in. Everyone was psyched to be matched up against me each week. I was an easy win.

Since then I've let those invitations go unanswered. Even though I never play anymore, I still get the invite. It's nice to be included.

Brandon was asking me if I'd be playing this year and I gave him the same answer I've given for about five years. Probably not... He told me I should do it. Of course my question to that was, "Why? So everyone will have an easy win once during the season?" Well yeah...

Here's the thing... Yeah, I like football. But I don't go overboard. I'd say I don't even go midboard. You know, if there's a game on that I'm semi-interested in, I'll pay attention. But I don't know a lot of the players names or salaries or positions. And to be completely honest, I prefer college football over NFL. But even then I'm not as into it as a lot of my friends were or still are. Again, yeah, I like to watch and I pay attention whenever Virginia Tech is playing. But I don't pay attention to all the other schools' rankings so I can predict where the polls will place Tech from week to week.

So I won't be playing Fantasy Football again this year. And I know eventually my friends' patience will run out and I'll stop getting those e-vites. But hey, good luck to you Fantasy Footballers out there.

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