Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, Part 1

Since I ended up getting more than a few of your questions, I've decided to start answering them two days ahead of schedule. That doesn't mean you need to stop submitting your questions. I'll still accept them 'til Thursday, so feel free to go back and ask some more. In the meantime, let's get started, shall we?

Mark asks: If you had an extra 140 dollars, what would you spend it on?

Okay, I'm not sure why you chose the exact 140 amount, but it's a little weird. The day I put out the call for questions, I came across that number many times and I began thinking about how strange it was. Just within the first hour I was at work that morning, I cashed two checks and ran three deposits for that exact amount. So now I want to spend a little time checking into the meaning of the number 140. But that's really not answering Mark's question, is it?

Well Mark, if I had an extra $140 lying around, I would buy the New York Yankees. No, really, I'd probably spend it on little things. The sorts of things that I would normally like to have but find myself too broke to splurge on. I'd probably take some of it to the grocery store and instead of buying the off-brand sodas, I'd get some actual Coca-Cola. I might get some things that I actually enjoy eating, rather than live off bologna and cereal for a few days. Not that bologna and cereal are bad things. It's just nice to expand the menu every now and again. If I were feeling reckless enough to spend it all at once though, I'd probably go out and buy a Wii Fit. But knowing how I am, I'd probably talk myself out of it while I was standing in the GameStop. I'd tell myself that I'm not gonna use it enough to justify the purchase, and I certainly won't use it enough to get myself into something resembling a "shape." Then I'd walk out and decide to just do what I said before. Spread that $140 out over the next week or so. Get some decent groceries for a change, and maybe be able to pay for my own lunch after church on Sunday.

An Anonymous Reader asks: If you only had 6 months to live, what would be a few things on your "bucket list"?

Well, Anonymous Reader... can I call you Annie? I'm going to anyway, get used to it. Well, Annie, that's a tough question. It's one I actually had to take some time to think about. Realistically it would probably depend on what I was dying of. But let's say, for simplicity's sake, that I can pretty much do anything I'd be capable of now. Another question that is raised is, do I have a wealthy benefactor to fund my final six months of glory? A Jack Nicholson to my Morgan Freeman, if you will. If money were no object, then there are plenty of things I'd like to do. I'd like to go back to New York and spend more than just a day in the city. I'd like to go to another Yankees game. I'd like to spend a week visiting a different amusement park each day and testing all of the roller coasters. I'd like to take a couple weeks and drive across the US. I'd like to see a few of the major European cities: London, Paris, Rome, Transylvania. I'd like to build a real sand castle, not just an upside-down bucket of sand with a flag on top of it. I'd like to watch Back to the Future one last time. And most of all I'd want to do all these things with one or more of my friends. I don't feel that I need to name names. You know who you are. You see, Annie, what it comes down to is not one of those items on my "bucket list" matters if I can't share them with at least one person that I enjoy spending my time with. Because long after I'm gone, they'll be the ones sitting around saying things like, "Remember that time that Aaron said or did something incredibly inappropriate? And then we were all, like, 'why did we even agree to help him out with this stupid list?' Yeah, good times."

I think that's all I'll go with for now. We don't want to get too crazy all at once. It's probably best to ease into this question and answer thing. Tune in tomorrow for part 2.

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