Saturday, August 29, 2009


I really need to stop acting surprised when I pray for something and God comes through.

I haven't felt very well today. I'll spare you the details, except to say that any time I've eaten something, it's only helped me to feel more nauseated. Kind of the opposite effect I was hoping for.

You know how sometimes people will tell you to eat something to settle your stomach? That just hasn't been working for me.

So, roughly an hour before I had to be at work, I was lamenting the fact that I had to go to work. I've only been working this part-time job for two weeks. One cannot simply call in sick on his fifth night on the job. But I just kept feeling worse.

So I prayed.

I didn't ask God to make me so sick that I would have no choice but to avoid work. That would be a little extreme. I merely asked that He get me through the three hours I was scheduled to work.

5:00 arrived and I clocked in. I waited for a few minutes and took two deliveries in one trip. When I got back, the store was stupid with drivers. I checked back in and saw that I was fifth on the list and there were only three orders on deck. This does not bode well for one relying trips for tips.

So, just after 6:00, the assistant manager asked if any drivers wanted to go home. I volunteered. After all, this is only a part-time job. Yes, I need the extra money, but there are guys there working full-time who need the hours more than I do. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I really wasn't feeling well.

Turns out God didn't have to get me through three hours. He only needed one. Funny how He takes care of me even in ways I'm not expecting. I really should start expecting more, because I know that He wants to do so much more.

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