Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've never been one to write poetry. But that's today's assignment from Sunday Scribblings.

I love to read, but I've never gotten into reading poetry. I love to write, but I've never gotten into writing poetry. I hope that doesn't mean I lack some sense of culture.

Yes, there were certain times in high school and college that it was required of me to read a poem and write some sort of synopsis or report on it. But that doesn't mean I enjoyed it.

At other times I was have to read classic literature and figure out the symbolism that those authors inevitably through into their works, as if they weren't just writing a story for entertainment's sake. But when it came to the poems, I never quite got a grasp on deconstructing what the writer was trying to say.

Maybe it's because I have such a difficult time expressing my own emotions. To me, poetry shouldn't just be about creativity or imagination. It seems that it needs to express something as well. Imagination I have plenty of, but emotional expression is certainly not my forte.

That lack of emotion is not something I'm proud of. I've mentioned in previous postings that it's something I struggle with and am working on. But as much progress as I may have made with having feelings, I just don't think I'm up to poetry levels yet.


  1. I struggle with poetry. I do however persevere because for some inexplicable reason I find myself able to say things which I would feel awkward saying in prose. My piece for this prompt is a perfect example of something I'd never write otherwise!

  2. I appreciated your honesty...I'm just the opposite. Poetry allows me to express emotions I otherwise would never express! I enjoyed your thoughts on this...thanks for sharing.

  3. i should have written about my lack of skills in the poem arena, as you did, and not attempted to do just that.