Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Perils of Pizza Delivery

Ladies and gentlemen, due to the fact that my hours have been cut back to 35 a week at the bank, I am forced to seek supplemental employment outside the finance industry. And I don't know why I act surprised every time, but God has provided once again.

Now, three nights a week, I will be your friendly neighborhood pizza delivery dude.

Tonight was my first night. All that meant for me was a ride along with someone who has been with the company for a while. Starting out, he told me that it's the easiest job there is. As the night progressed, it turned out he was right. There really isn't much to it. Pick up the delivery, drive to the house, drop off the delivery. Cha-ching.

Each delivery dude gets a book of maps that are sectioned off. He showed me which sections I'll learn to love and which ones I'll learn to hate. And in between, during trips to and from the store, we got into some good conversations. He's a Christian, so we both got a chance to bounce some theology off each other. After only knowing him for a few hours, he seems like a great guy.

I won't be saying on here what pizza company I'll be working for. I'll only say that it's a chain. And it's one that I'm happy to work for, seeing as how they've given me so much over the years. Please, no guessing in the comments. I want to keep that part anonymous, just in case I someday feel the need to complain about something. Wouldn't want the powers that be to see that something negative was written about their company and suddenly I don't have that second job anymore.

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