Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Legends of the Bank Teller - Episode LIX

Today my assistant manager began a weekly coaching session with each of the tellers. In preparation for this, we were all given short surveys to fill out a few days ago. These surveys consisted of questions pertaining to the ins and outs of our job, including the things that we like, dislike, and become frustrated with.

At first glance, the questions concerned me. I was pretty sure if I answered honestly, Natasha would just look at me and ask why I was even working at the bank. I may have mentioned that in my post on Saturday. But I didn't get that response. She just thanked me for my truthiness.

I told her up front why I got into being a teller and made it clear that this isn't where I see myself in five years. So the conversation steered to what I really wanted to be doing. When I told her I wanted to write, she latched right on to that.

She brought up the idea that some banks and branches put out monthly newsletters for their customers. She asked me how I would feel about doing something like that for our branch. This excited me just a little bit. So, coming September 1st, there will be a two page newsletter at the Cameron Village branch of my bank.

Any article ideas will be incredibly helpful. See you tomorrow guys.

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